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Why us?

With PROAUDIO MEDIA you have access to our team, our connections, our experience and our infrastructure. This is the full spectrum support experience you are looking for at any project.

Network of Industry portal

We build and maintained network of industry portals that give us access to marketing capabilities no single media can provide. Beyond that we are cooperating with all major industry outlets in Poland.

Inhouse IT team

Our IT team is capable of maintaining existing software solutions as well as build new applications for your products. We are able to create industrial design for you or custom website.

We will design, build and maintain it for you!

Distribution network

For over 20 years we have created and kept relations with major Polish industry points of sales and influencers. We are happy to put it to work for your Brand



Żegańska 28a/5

04-713 Warsaw



+48 880 803 640


Mon-Fr: 8am – 6pm